#004 Some Days Are Easy

Today’s post is not my usual Second Act Sunday post. Homework and an online exam will be occupying my whole day, so please accept this song I’ve written instead.

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Some Days Are Easy

Some days are easy
Other days are hard
Some say I'm a genius
But I feel like a 'tard

Sometimes I'm effusive
More often I'm terse
My moods wax and wane
From better to worse

I've drank a lot of whiskey
And smoked a lot of dope
I've chased a few women
Most have said "nope"

Liquor can't fix my problems
Weed don't make me forget
But I get relief for a while
And don't give a shit

They say that eventually
Our brain cells are diminished
It's so hard to tell just
When a song is finished

Some days are easy
Some days are hard
I'd call myself a poet
If talented like the Bard